Rob Lipsett is a 25-years old entrepreneur from Dublin, who took part in the third season of Love Island (2015). Rob entered the villa on Day 26, as a late entrant, but was unable to couple up and as such left the villa in 18th Place on Day 28.


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Irish fitness fittie Rob is stepping away from the weights and towards the romance as he heads for Love Island this summer. An entrepreneur from Dublin, our Rob is bringing the Irish charm with him - and hopefully the luck with the ladies too! He’s a quirky, outgoing, funny lad, who is looking for a girl with a sense of humour. Listen up girls - if you don’t bring the bantz, our Rob ain’t interested. Also on his checklist is a laid-back lady, as he prefers to avoid agg (erm, did anyone tell him where he’s going?). Looking in on our Islanders, he’s already set his sights on Tyla, and says tanned brunettes are exactly his type, on paper obvs. He describes himself as a ‘bro’s bro’ and says he’d rather respectfully go for one of the single girls than step on anyone’s toes. He’s already planning his place in the lads’ gang and sees Chris as a potential pumping-iron partner and wants Kem to cut his hair! Apparently his exes would describe him as hard-working, loyal and genuine - wow, if that’s the worst they can come up with, it looks like we’re on to a winner. Oh, and did we mention Rob is also a public speaker? We can’t wait for our very own Mr Motivator to take to the floor during challenges - Speedy Sex Positions counts as inspirational, right?[1]

Coupling History

Islander Day 1 Day 6 Day 14 Day 20 Day 24 Day 28 Day 34 Day 41 Finale
Rob Not in Villa Failed to Couple-Up Not in Villa